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post 30

The last post is the Johnny Cash song “The Ballad of Ira Hayes.  Ira Hayes is one of the soldiers who is seen raising the flag at Iwo Jima.  This image is the most famous images of war.  This soldier, like Tayo was celebrated and respected when he was in uniform, but after the war […]

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post 29

I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.” John Wayne This quote represents the way many Americans feel about Native Americans.  John Wayne stared in many films where […]

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post 28

“Pay attention now, Reader: wait for me because I’m going to need you more than ever, don’t hide from me, don’t go away: you have to be there when I need you to lend me a hand so that I can recover everything I shall lose” (Fuentes 503).  Throughout the novel Fuentes has addressed his […]

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post 27

A rebellious Mother was Our Lady la Adelita, the darling Clementine, the fairy godmother of the revolution (corseted, cinched, swaying, full of secrets only she knew, they told her, a ruby encrusted in her belly button that no one would ever see, and between her legs a white bulge and curled foam, not that slack, […]

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post 26

“There is nothing more subversive than instantly turning desire into reality, and that’s why they try to surround us unborn types, and later, when we’re children, they limit us, surround us with schools and jails and churches and programmed vacations and calendar holidays and economic whorehouses erected between a child and the object of his […]

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post 25

  It is interesting to see how two female writers, Silko and Kingsolver, portray women.  Silko gives us the character of Laura, who abandons her child with her family.  She is portrayed as a loose woman; she leaves with a car full of men, and whiskey on her breath (61).  Tayo is told by his […]

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post 24

“‘They’re not brothers,’ she’d say, ‘that’s Laura’s boy.  You know the one.’  She has a way of saying it, a tone of voice which bitterly told the story, and the disgrace she and the family had suffered.  The things Laura had done weren’t easily forgotten by the people, but she could maintain a distance between […]

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post 23

“‘Anyone can fight for America he began, giving special emphasis to “America”, even you boys.  In a time of need, anyone can fight for her’…Now I know you boys love America as much as we do, but this is your big chance to show it….the recruiter was packing the leaflets into a cardboard box; he […]

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post 22

Tayo is ashamed of his heritage.  He tries to hide the fact that he is Native American while he is in the army.  When Tayo goes to a bar and tells the girls that he is an Italian soldier, and he gives the name of a soldier in his unit.  “I sat close to the […]

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Post 21

“For a long time he had been white smoke.  He did not realize that until he left the hospital, because white smoke had no consciousness of itself.  It faded into the white world of their bed sheets and walls; it was sucked away by the words of doctors who tried to talk to the invisible […]

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