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Something extra

The last post is a song from wicked that is pretty funny.  It goes to explain what some people call history.  Some of the terms like invader and crusader are things that I kept thinking about in Omeros.  Especially with Plunkett, who is an outsider living in St. Lucia.  He was with the army who […]

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First Response

Trip of a Lifetime Walking down the blue cobble stone streets of Puerto Rico, snapping a picture of my boyfriend’s feet upon the cobble stone, set us apart as typical, everyday tourists.  In fact, that is what we were.  We were on vacation, wanting to escape the cold New York weather.  We went to a […]

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St Lucia as a character

So far, I find this epic novel very hard to follow at times. Some of the characters are inter woven into one another in such a way that it is hard to figure out who the narrative is speaking about at a certain time. I think that this is most done when the character uses […]

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